Church Archaeology Events

In addition to our annual conference, we have now added a series of online evening lectures as regular events. These lectures are free and open to both members and non-members, but you must register on Eventbrite to attend the talks. After registering, you will receive an email (with reminders leading up to the event) with a link to access the talk at the scheduled time and date. 


Lectures will also be archived on our YouTube channel and linked below, so if you are unable to attend, you can always watch any lecture back later at your leisure.


We hope you enjoy the talks, and please watch this space for future online and in-person events!


Upcoming lectures

4 May 2022

Dr Danica Ramsey-Brimberg: Revisiting Viking Age Graves from Ecclesiastical and Non-Ecclesiastical Contexts in the Irish Sea Area

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7 June 2022

Dr Meg Bernstein: Visualising Purgatory in the Medieval English Church

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13 July 2022

Dr Nick Webb & Dr Alex Buchanan: Tracing the Past

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2 August 2022

Dr Alex Holton: A Job in Ruins: Caring for the English Heritage Estate

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6 September 2022

Crystal Hollis: Reading the Room: What Historic Graffiti Tells Us

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Most recent lecture

Dr Tracy Collins: Female Monasticism in Medieval Ireland






Past lectures

Dr Aleks McClain: Medieval Cross Slabs in Northern England

Dr Duncan Wright: 'Greedy Comers to the Waste': Guthlac and the Archaeology of Anchor Church Field, Crowland

Dr Kate Giles: The Medieval Wall Paintings of Pickering Parish Church

James Wright: An Introduction to Historic Graffiti

Dr Claire Kennan: Living on a Prayer? Parish Guilds in the Middle Ages

Dr Michael Carter: Byland Abbey: Using the Dead to Bring a Medieval Monastery to Life

Dr Alex Woodcock: Romanesque Sculpture in Devon and Cornwall

Dr Meg Boulton: Sliding Doors: Considering the Symbolic Significance of Decorated Thresholds in Early Medieval Churches

Dr Martin Huggon: Charity, Medicine and the Medieval Hospital

Prof Howard Williams: Viking Age Hogback Stones: Citations and Exceptions

Dr Ruth Nugent: Over My Dead Body! Histories of Tomb-opening in Churches

Dr Jackie Hall: Being a Cathedral Archaeologist

Dr John Jenkins: Reconstructing Thomas Becket's Shrine

Dr David Petts: The Early Medieval Monastery of Lindisfarne